Raul Perez and Ravi A. Paul

 Getting to Know Those YOU Support!

raul perez

Raul Perez is from Bogota, Columbia. Raul tells us that how MSC Priests are willing to help those in need, while reminding them of the love of God that was shown through his Beloved Son is what attracted him to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. During his free time, Raul enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Other hobbies of his include reading, especially book about the Theology of Hope and Mariology. He is currently in his fifth semester of Theology.


Ravi A. Paul is from Bangalore, India. Ravi comes highly recommended from his Superiors for his healthy community spirit and for his commendable spiritual life, and therefore they feel like he will be an effective missionary. During his free time, Ravi enjoys doing handy work, such as electrical, plumbing, painting, etc. Other hobbies of his include sketching, painting and doing floral arrangements. He is currently in this second year of Theology.

Please keep Raul and Ravi as well as all our scholarship recipients in your prayers as they continue in their studies. Thank you for all your support. It is through your donations that we are able to provide the financial support they need.

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