Our Purpose

Is to provide the financial support needed for the formation of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart priests and brothers. Many of our young seminarians come from countries where they live modestly and the cost of education is beyond the financial abilities of the family. The Sacred Heart Foundation works to increase our endowment fund each year so we can continue to give the financial support necessary.

The Scholarship Society

Since its origin in 1967, the Sacred Heart Foundation has granted over 1.95 million dollars in scholarships to over 2,000 seminarians. To provide these scholarships, the Sacred Heart Foundation depends on the generosity of our supporters. Particularly important has been the support of members of the Scholarship Society. Each member of the Scholarship Society has accumulated $15,000.00 or more in donations to the Sacred Heart Foundation. In appreciation for their generosity members of the scholarship society are given a named scholarship, which entails that each year a seminarian will receive a $1,000 scholarship in their name.

Named Scholarships of the Sacred Heart Foundation

1. Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC Scholarship
2. Fr. Benoit C. Dostie, MSC Scholarship
3. Fr. Joseph Durin, MSC Scholarship
5. Fr. William J. Connor, MSC Scholarship
6. Fr. Jean-Baptiste Chappel, MSC Scholarship
7. Br. William Bedard, MSC Scholarship
8. Anthony Cannella & Josephine Cannella-Dygert Scholarship
9. Joan Lamica Scholarship
10. Conroy, Kieb, Phippen and LeFaivre Scholarship
11. Watertown Savings Bank Scholarship
12. Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Scholarship
13. Teresa Yarwood Scholarship
14. Purcell Construction Scholarship
15. Thomas A. and Mary Louise LeFaivre Scholarship
16. John Tucker Scholarship
17. Edna B. Toerge Scholarship
18. Ester Grossman Scholarship
19. Mary Boland Scholarship
20. Carleton & Beverly Lamica Scholarship
21. Peter & Mary Dowe Scholarship
22. Harold J. Haley Scholarship
23. William V. Caprara and Charles D. Carrier Scholarship
24. Evelyn Bourcy and Alma Sholett Scholarship
25. Lawrence E. and Helen Smith Scholarship
26. Father Henry Einhaus, MSC Scholarship
27. Glen and Geraldine Buskirk Scholarship
28. John and Rita Mackey Scholarship

29. John and Mary Ellen Callahan Scholarship
30. Fr. Gabriel Castonguay, MSC Scholarship
31. McDonald Family Scholarship
32. The McGrann Family Scholarship
33. The Frances E. Stumpf Scholarship
34. Tony and Kay Morgia Scholarship
35. Merville Hourigan Scholarship
36. Helen M. Campbell Scholarship
37. Fr. Pierre Aubin, MSC Scholarship
38. The J.H. Stumpf Family Scholarship
39. The Clifford & Beatrice Martin Scholarship
40. The Benefit Services Group Scholarship
41. Irene Jaman Scholarship
42. Dorothy Farrell Scholarship
43. Minnie & Cecil Greenwood Scholarship
44. Margaret H. Phillips
45. Ambrose J. and Agnes D. Gaffney Scholarship
46. Knights of Columbus Council #259
47. Watertown Savings Bank
48. Joyce A. & William R. Jesmore, CPA
49. Fr. Philip DeRea, MSC
50. Jean Hill
51. Ruth Condon Memorial
52. Frank & Helen Caprara
53. Fr. Mark McDonald, MSC Scholarship
54. Lewis E., C. Agnes, and Deacon Bernard E. Slate Scholarship
55. M.G. O’Neil Foundation Scholarship
56. Reff and Hermann Memorial Scholarship                                      57. Tucker Family Scholarship

All Donations help support our mission.

In 2019 the Sacred Heart Foundation awarded $88,500 in funds to 57 seminarians around the world. All of our supporters have contributed to our efforts. Donations of all levels do make a difference when combined. It is through your combined support that we are able to continue our mission.

Associates Program

In order to recognize the supporters of the Sacred Heart Foundation we have established an Associates Program which reflects eight levels of giving. If you would like to know what associates level you have reached please contact the office.

SHF Associates Program Categories

Scholarship Society
$15,000 or more
President's Cabinet
$10,000 to $14,999
President's Council
$5,000 to $9,999
President's Club
$1,000 to $4,999
Leadership Club
$500 to $999
Sustaining Club
$250 to $499
Century Club
$100 to $249
Sponsor's Club
$0 to $99

Scholarship Blogs

New Named Scholarship

The Sacred Heart Foundation would like to recognize the following new named Scholarship:

-Tucker Family Scholarship

We would like to thank our longtime member and friend John Tucker for his continued support of the Sacred Heart Foundation. This scholarship is Mr. Tucker's second named scholarship. It is through people like you that we are able to fulfill our mission.

For more information about named scholarships and how to attain one, please contact the Sacred Heart Foundation office.

New Named Scholarships

The Sacred Heart Foundation would like to recognize the following new named Scholarships:

-Fr. Mark McDonald, MSC Scholarship

-Lewis E., C. Agnes, and Deacon Bernard E. Slate Scholarship

-M.G. O'Neil Foundation Scholarship

-Reff and Hermann Memorial Scholarship

We would like to thank Mary and Ted Mascott, Dcn. Bernard Slate, the M.G. O'Neil Foundation and Frank Reff for their continued support of the Sacred Heart Foundation. It is through people like you that we are able to fulfill our mission.

Cristian Puliche Golondrino and Tokabwebwe Kiaman

Getting to Know Those YOU Support


Cristian Puliche Golondrino is from Cajibio-Cauca, Colombia. Cristian tells us about what attracted him to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart "I entered this community because I felt Heaven's call, and I wanted to be a missionary to spread the love of God to all men and women of good heart. I feel that the vocation to the religious life is the call that God has made to me and for that reason I am here in order to respond to him that loved me first..." In his free time, Cristian enjoys spending time with his large family. Cristian is in his second year of Theology.


Tokabwebwe Kiaman is from Tarawa, Republic of Karibati (an island in the central Pacific Ocean.) Tokabwebwe tells us about what attracted him to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart "...First is about the community life, despite the diversity of people, we always live together in harmony and peace. We always have troubles but we solve it in a healthy way. Another is the brotherhood spirit that I experience in the life of the priests and the brothers. We have been taught in our novitiate that we all become MSCs first before we become a priest, meaning we are all the same...They really show it by calling each other brother rather than father..." In his free time, Tokabwebwe enjoys playing basketball and volleyball; some of his hobbies include playing guitar for the liturgy. Tokabwebwe is in his third year of Theology.

Please keep Cristian and Tokabwebwe as well as all our scholarship recipients in your prayers as they continue in their studies. Thank you for all your support. It is through your donations that we are able to provide the financial support they need.

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We are a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization. All contributions to the Sacred Heart Foundation are tax deductible.