Eugenio Filho and Mateus Borodiak

Getting to Know Those You Support: Scholarship Funds for 2018 Reach Beyond Borders.


Eugenio Filho from Santa Catarina Brasil. Before he joined the MSC he was a teacher of special and inclusive education. Eugenio tells us that he was enchanted by the spirituality of the MSC and the simplicity of life. Besides his studies he enjoys soccer, hiking, and participating in community life. Eugenio recently celebrated his 30th birthday and is currently in his third year of theology studies.


Mateus Borodiak from Parana Brasil. After spending time as a child participating in Missionary Childhood with the MSC and getting to know them better as an adult Mateus decided to join the MSC in 2016. He is interested in music, art, photography, poetry, and currently is focused on his philosophy courses.

Please keep Eugenio and Mateus as well as all our scholarship recipients in your prayers as they continue in their studies. Thank you for all your support it is through your donations that we are able to provide the financial support they need.

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